<7>Some of my Favorite Links....

More Links to be added soon

Dito2's Page
This is my Mom's page. It contains pictures of some art glass that she has created.

Welcome to the Clockshop
This is my Dad's page. It contains pictures of his clock collection....mostly antiques, but there is a few new ones in there also.

Daves Midis
A lot of great music to add to your e-mail and home pages.

Angels place
A collection of midis to add to your e-mail and home pages....this is a special thanks to LuAnn for all her help.

love, romance & relationships
horoscopes, send romantic postcards, post dedications.

~Annes Wedding gifs & backgrounds~
A beautiful collection of gifs and backgrounds!

The Banner Generator
Make free banners for your page or e-mail.

Cruise Planners, Inc.
Plan a cruise, get a price quote....what could be more romantic than a cruise?

Pansy's Place
A very interesting site, and where you can "Adopt" a lovebug. (like the ones I have below)

<7>This lovebug is named Shawnda,
who was born on 3-28-82.

This lovebug is named Aaron,
after my son,
who was born on 12-14-84.

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