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I decided to make the first cake on my page be a picture of my own wedding cake. I got married on 5/23/98. I had the wedding of my dreams and married the man of my dreams. Since I was making my own wedding cake, (the night before the wedding) I wanted to do something that would be beautiful, yet quick. It is hard to tell from the picture, but the cake is wrapped in a satiny pink lace. It was very pretty!

This cake was made for approximately 120 guests. It was for an outdoor wedding and reception. My Dad made the stands for me, and this type of cake setup seems to be getting quite popular.

This cake was made to serve approx. 400 guests. The Bride and Groom had attended my own wedding a few months earlier and after seeing my cake, she changed the design of her cake, asking for it to be wrapped in hunter green lace. I was a little skeptical regarding the color of the lace, but it was actually very beautiful, and matched the rest of the wedding perfectly.

This cake was done for approximately 120 guests. It was almond flavored cake with almond flavored icing and raspberry filling.

This cake was done entirely in the basketweave design.

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