Thank you for visiting my romantic gif page. As with my background page, I have searched all over the web for romantic images to put on this page. To the best of my knowledge none of the images I have used are copyrighted or restricted. If you are the owner of one of these images, or happen to know that one of them are indeed restricted, please e-mail me and let me know and I will remove the image or give credit for it...whichever the owner wishes.

lacey heart line
flower line
another flower line
butterfly line
blue flower line
a rose line
pink rosebud line
tiny pink flowers
another butterfly line
multi-color heart line

butrfly/flwr line
cupids w/heart
peach heart/flwrs line
another pink rose line
daisy line
white gate w/arch
purple flwr line
red roses and tulips
red rose line
another pink rose line

flashing pink heart line
small white flwrs/vines
sm. pink heart w/vines
multi-colored hearts
sm. pink hearts
gold hearts
sm. pastel hearts
pink bow w/flwrs
heart shaped roses
pink line w/hearts

~Roses and Other Flowers~

pink rose
3 peach roses
pretty pink rose

lavender rose
lg. yellow rose
lg. white rose
long stem pink rose
pink & white orchids
pink rose on black bg
lg. pink rose
lg pink rose on white bg
red bouquet
red rose bud

dz. roses in vase
white rose
yellow rose
multi-color bouquet
bqt. of pink roses
ani. red roses
red roses w/gold stems
red roses on trellis
white flwrs spilling from bucket
flower frame
Pastel roses


envelope with animated heart
another envelope with hearts
heart with pansies
big heart with purple flowers
2 hearts w/blue flowers
world with animated hearts
small heart that changes colors
5 pink hearts on a string
2 hearts on a string
Red Heart

smaller red heart
gold and silver heart
gold hearts
lace look heart
foral heart
blue heart
heart bouquet
twisted gold hearts
3 pink hearts
ani. red hearts
heart balloons

~Hummingbirds and other birds~

hummingbird on white background
reverse of above image
bluebirds w/pink garland
dove w/red rose

vertical hummingbird line
larger version of above image
tiny hummingbird
large hummingbird

~Other Romantic GIFS~

animated pastel butterfly
pink wedding cake

wedding rings
silhoutte of kissing couple
white/pink wed. cake
white/peach wed. cake

I will be adding more GIFS often, so be sure to check back for updates.

Please remember to transload what you would like to use to your own homepage files. However, if you are new to the web and do not yet have a homepage or know how to transload, you are welcome to link to the images from here temporarily.

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