When God created daughters     
He took very special care 
To find the precious treasures     
  that would make them sweet and fair...  

He gave them smiles of angels,      
then explored the midnight skies  
And took a bit of stardust      
to make bright and twinkling eyes... 

He fashioned them from sugar      
and a little bit of spice, 
He gave them sunny laughter     
and everything that is nice... 

He smiled when He made daughters,      
because He knew He had 
Created love and happiness     
for every mom and dad.  

Author Unknown

This page is dedicated to my own Daughter, Shawnda Lee-Devon Corder.

Shawnda was born on March 28, 1982.

Right now she is trying incredibly hard to assert her "18 year old independence" and I, of course, am trying to hold on for a just a little while longer.

And while the thought of having to admit that she is "officially" grown up scares and saddens me, I take pride in knowing that she has grown into such a beautiful, wonderful, loving young woman.

To see a pic of Shawnda...Click here

If you have a special daughter or someone that you love just like a daughter and want her to know just how special you think she is, please send this page on to her and let her know how blessed you feel your life has been because of her being in it.

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