~Heaven's Bright Shore~

Holding fast the hope of life, while facing death,

His mortal body gasps expelling his last breath.

His eyes grow dim for a moment and then no more.

Closing his eyes in death, to awaken on Heaven's bright shore.

By love he is clothed in a robe of white,

With Abraham as his guide, and Jesus as the light.

He gives praises to God and worships the King.

A band of angels shout glory, as some begin to sing.

The sites are so many and without words to share,

Colors he had never seen, and a city beyond compare.

He searches for a shadow, but none could be found.

The Peace and Glory of God is all around.

As a humble servant of God, his life is brand new.

Constructing a mansion in Heaven for me and for you.

Inspired by God
Written by William R. Webb

I used to work with the author of this poem. We would have occasional discussions about God. I remember him telling me once that the reason he didn't go to Church was because he believed that there was a special, hotter place in hell for hipocrites, and that he knew he couldn't live a life that God would approve of. Well, that was several years ago...before Bill almost died of an accidental drug overdose. When he awoke from this overdose, he was not the same person that had taken the drugs hours before.

He is so thankful for his second chance and now lives a life that gives Glory to God and he is proud to spread the word of his Blessings and of his second chance at life.

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