Although the majority can physically see,
Only a minority are not blind.

Although the majority are not deaf,
Only a minority can hear.

Although the majority are well educated,
Only a minority are not ignorant.

Although the majority can talk for hours,
Only a minority say anything.

Our knowledge is greater than ever before,
Yet wisdom is almost a thing of the past.

We claim we have all the answers,
Yet we ask all the wrong questions.

So let's re-think our questions,
And maybe we will find better answers.

With the knowledge we obtain,
Let's seek wisdom to properly apply our knowledge.

Instead of cutting through people with our toungue,
Wouldn't we do better to lift them up?

We can put a man on the moon,
Yet hundreds die of starvation every day.

Wouldn't we hear a whole lot more,
If we would only listen to what is not said?

Wouldn't we see a whole lot more,
If we would only look with our heart?

Can we do better?
Only if we try!

Written by William R. Webb
Inspired by God

Please do not copy without the written permission of the author.
Copyright © 2000
All Rights Reserved

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