Long, long ago God made a decision-
a very important decision...
one that I'm really glad He made.
He made the decision to make you.
The same hands that made the
stars made you
The same hands that made the
canyons made you.
The same hands that made the trees
and the moon and the sun made you.
That's why you are so special.
God made you.
He made you in a very special way.
He made your eyes so
they would twinkle.
He made your mouth so
you could smile.
He made your laugh so
you could giggle.
God made you like no one else.
If you looked all over the world -
in every city in every house -
there would be no one else like you...
no one with your eyes,
no one with your mouth,
no one with your laugh.
You are very, very special.

~Author Unknown~

This page is dedicated to my son, Aaron. He was born on December 14, 1984.

Aaron is definately a unique person. His personality and sense of humor are absolutely unbelievable!

To see a pic of Aaron, Click here

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