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Thank you for visiting my page. I am dedicating this page to those that love and believe in me.

I have been blessed enough to have some dreams and goals of mine become a reality, thanks to those that believed in me from the start. They have been there to give encouragement and suggestions when I need it most. They praise and cheer all my successes, and help me laugh at and accept any of my failures.

I want this whole site to be about love, romance, family, and friendships, because I view all these things differently now, thanks to the love and support of my Husband (Ray), my Mom (Judy), my Dad (Tom) and my beautiful Daughter (Shawnda) and my handsome Son (Aaron).

This site is also an opportunity for me to exhibit some of the cakes and wedding accessories that I have created.

I will keep adding more romantic gifs and backgrounds for you to use as I find ones that I really like.

I have a few new "greetings" Pages listed below and as I work on the others, I will make each one available as soon as it is finished. So be sure to check back often for updates.

Pics of My Cakes Romantic GIFS Romantic Backgrounds
"Happy Birthday" Page "Special Daughter" Page "Can We Do Better" Poem
Links Page Awards Page "You Are Special" Dedicated to my Son
"Heaven's Bright Shore" Poem "Leaving Heart Prints" Poem coming soon

These are "love bugs" that I adopted from Pansy's Place. I chose the pink one and the blue one and "named" them Shawnda and Aaron, in honor of my 2 children. To adopt your own love bug, go to my links page and click on Pansy's Place.

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Please don't forget to sign my guestbook. If you have a site, I will be sure to visit yours and return the favor. There is a view/sign guestbook link on most of my pages.

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