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I made this cake for my niece's third birthday. It has been done as a wedding cake version with white towers instead of pink.

This cake was made for my Husbands neice, Amy. It was for a small wedding...approximately 35 guests, but I wanted her cake to be special, so I surprised her with the fountain.

This is the cake that my niece chose for her fourth birthday...she is the ultimate Barbie fan, and the Barbie ballerina cake topper is now one of her prized posessions. She spent the night with me the day before her birthday to "help" me with the cake.

This cake was made to serve approximately 35 guests also. It was made to be sturdy enough for travelling (they went to Gatlinburg, Tn to get married) and simple enough to be set up by someone who was inexperienced in cakes, but yet pretty and elegant enough for a wedding.

This is another cake where the Bride requested that the cake be wrapped in lace...this one is really hard to see in the picture because it was a shimmery white lace. The wedding was an old-fashioned theme. She opted to have a matching bow on top of the cake instead of the traditional cake topper, in order to keep with the theme of the wedding.

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