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~Music for all Occasions~

Sue and Debbie
Day and Night Phone: (513) 867-1289

Wedding Reception Contract

Bride's name:

Groom's name:


Wedding Date:

Place of Reception:
(name and address)

Setup Start Time:

Entertainment Start Time:

Entertainment End Time:

Order of Events

This printed order of events is only a suggestion. Every reception is different, and this is YOUR reception. Any event may be added, removed, or rearranged as long as it is clearly indicated in the table below.






Reception start



Grand Entrance



Receiving line (estimate approximately 10 seconds per guest. Not recommended due to the amount of time required—approximately 25 minutes for 100 guests).



First Dance



Wedding Party Dance (can be combined with first dance)









Father/Daughter Dance (can be combined with Mother/Son Dance)



Mother/Son Dance (can be combined with Father/Daughter Dance)



Open Dancing



Cake Cutting



Open Dancing (maybe just one or two slow songs)






Bouquet / Garter



Open Dancing



Last Dance







Please list those to be introduced during the grand entrance in order they are to be introduced. Use back or additional sheets if necessary. If you want, interesting tidbits of information about relationships to you can be announced-if so, please write details below the person's name.

Suggested order of introductions (you can opt to have the grandparents rise in their seats and recognize them there):

1. Bride's grandparents
2. Groom's grandparents
3. Bride's parents
4. Groom's parents
5. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
6. Maid(s) or Matron(s) of Honor (can be combined with Bestman)
7. Best Man (can be combined with Maid/Matron of Honor)
8. Bride and Groom


Phonetic Pronunciation(s)

How to Introduce

Misc. Info

























For bride and groom, please clearly indicate how to introduce. Some common possibilities:
given Jane Doe marrying John Buck
Jane and John Buck
John and Jane Buck
Mr. and Mrs. John Buck

First Dance:

Do you want to dance the entire dance alone, or do you want to combine the wedding party dance with this? If so, how long do you want to dance before asking wedding party and then the rest of the guests to join in?

Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances:

These dances can be combined or seperate. Do you want them together or seperate (please circle one)? If seperate, who do you want to dance first: Groom/Mother or Bride/Father (please circle one)? If seperate, also indicate which song for each below.

We can invite all father/daughters and all mothers/sons to dance during the song, do you want to do this?

Music Requests (Songs to DEFINITELY be played)
Please list Song Title and Artist below

List of Songs and/or Music Types NOT to be played
Please list Song Title and Artist below


Name of person who will give the toast usually the best man, could also be the best man and maid of honor together):

Should person giving the toast be introduced, or simply handed the microphone(please circle one)?

We, at Balance, appreciate the opportunity to share this special event with you.

In order to serve you better, we require this form to be filled out, signed, and returned to us within 3 weeks of the scheduled event.

Our current rate for D.J.'ing at wedding receptions is:

We do not require a deposit for the booking, however, we do require the balance paid in full within 14 days before the date/time of the event.

If you agree with these terms, Please sign and date on the line below and return to us as soon as possible.

Please sign name and date here

Sue and Debbie